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2 questions about sleep: 1 about my nose and 1 about breathing patterns.

When I go to sleep, I don't get to pick which side I sleep on because of my nose. I'm never able to clearly breathe out of both nostrils at the same time even if I blow my nose, one is always kind of stuffed. This doesn't effect my speech and it doesn't hurt or anything like that so I've never gone to a doctor. My nostrils change from the left being clear and the right being stuffed to the right being clear and the left stuffed all day.

If my left nostril is the clear one, I have to sleep on the left side so that later on my right nostril can clear up. I do this all night until I am dead sleepy and don't care anymore.

What can I do? I don't get to go to the doctor when any little problem happens because I have no medical insurance so is there something wrong with me or can this easily be fixed with say, a nose spray? I don't know what this is so I don't know what to go buy from the drug store.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

When you're sleeping next to your S.O. and you're close enough to feel them breathing, close enough to feel their breathing pattern, do you change your breathing so that your breathing is in sync with your partner's, do you change yours up so that it doesn't match, does it make you uncomfortable, or do you not notice/not care?

Me, I quickly take notice of it and I hate it. I try to breathe normally but I can't for whatever reason so I either make it the same or make it different. This gets on my nerves and I can't sleep right for a few minutes on top of the reason stated above.

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