Don't take it so bad (heysweetannie) wrote in thequestionclub,
Don't take it so bad

So, I have worn glasses since my freshman year of high school. I have gone in several times to get contact lenses, and each time I have failed. Why? Because my eyes seem to reject them. I have spent hundreds of dollars on lenses that don't work at all, because my eyes just pop them out. It feels like my eyes get too dry for them to stay in.
My eye doctor is convinced that my eyes just need "more oxygen" and keeps giving me more breathable lenses. Or she'll tell me that my irises are too big, and thus, my lenses cannot adhere to my eye properly.
I refuse to believe that I have some magical condition where I cannot wear contact lenses- I have never heard of this.
Can someone tell me what my problem is, or if my doctor is full of bs?
I am on the verge of finding a new doctor, but I would rather not because the one I have is really very nice.

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