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For those of you who are Rocky Horror fans/enthusiasts, you surely must know by now that they're planning on remaking the movie, this time with Tim Burton at the helm, with reportedly Marilyn Manson as Frank-N-Furter. My friend heard the news and almost cried. She said all Rocky Horror fans are in silent mourning and protect. If that's true, let's discuss

1) The original was a musical. Burton's not really a musical director unless he's working with clay puppets. Do you think the remake will have an original Elfman songlist, the same songs from the original RHPS, or be completely songless?

2) Who will Helena Bonham Carter play?

3) Barring Burton's exceptional taste of style, gothy settings and props, do you find him to be a good director overall? Or do you think that he puts too much emphasis on the visuals and not nearly enough on the content?

4) Manson v. Curry. Do you think Manson can fill Curry's 6" heels as Frank-N-Furter?

5) What Burton movies do you like that do not have Johnny Depp in them?

6) The cast hasn't been selected yet (though my friend thinks that Jack Black will be a good Eddie). Who do you think would be good picks for the remake? I always liked Columbia. Who'd be a good choice?

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