bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,


1.) What do you think happened to Natalee Holloway?

2.) why do i get very very very hungry around midnight?

3.) Why can't I sleep for more than about 4 hours without waking up? This is my sleep schedule: Sleep around 8:30pm, wake up about four hours later...still groggy, but I can't sleep... so I stay up until maybe until 7am. Then I get incredibly tired.. its like being hit by a truck of sleepiness, and I fall back asleep until maybe 11am. I can't sleep through the night anymore, I always wake up and stay up until I'm completely exhausted. One night I was even covered in a rash, so I took some benedryll with this stuff that makes me crazily tired.. and I still couldn't sleep.

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