Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Poll #898808 The things we may or may not do for money

Would you change your sexual orientation permanently, from straight to gay or gay to straight, for 5 million dollars?

I'm asexual. This question does not apply to me

Your best friend (or closest friend) is getting married and she or he is extremely giddy about it. You're the best man/maid of honor. An ex-coworker of theirs who hates their guts approaches you one day and makes you an offer. This person wants to ruin your friend's wedding, but needs an inside man/woman with knowledge of the event to extract revenge. All you'd have to do is give this person key information so he or she can plot ahead and completely, catastrophically ruin your friend's wedding. It wouldn't be revealed you were involved after the fact. Your reward for your input is $25,000. Do you accept the offer?


You're approached one day by a complete stranger. He represents a new drug that his company hopes to push through. Because there are laws in place against using experimental drugs on prisoners or involuntary human guinea pigs, he has to resort to paying people to take his product for research sake. He's pretty sure that his company has gotten all the bugs out of it, that you will definitely not suffer any liver or kidney damage...well, he's almost positive anyway. Because of the loosy-goosy nature of this scheme, all of this will be under the table. You agree to take these experimental drugs and allow yourself to be monitored, and you get paid 10 million dollars. If anything goes wrong, you can't take legal action against them. The money will be paid up front, and he says that he's well connected to the mob, in case you attempt to screw him out of his money. Do you agree to take the drugs?


You and your SO (assume you have one if you don't) are approached at a restaurant by a good looking person of whatever gender you are. This person has been watching your SO, and finds them incredibly attractive. "Here's the deal", he or she says, "I'm filthy rich. Loaded. I want to 'borrow' your SO for one whole week, where we'll be secluded in my French chateau. There we'll engage in every deviant pasttime, our decadence filled with champagne and viagra and all manner of sexual prop. At the end of the week, you get your chaffed, exhausted SO back. If you agree, I'll wire $50,000 into your bank account". Your SO seems ok with this decision, and says it's all up to you. Do you accept the deal?


The White House wants to commemorate the 'good job' done by Rumsfeld in Iraq. They want to name a street after him. Your street is selected for this representation, but they want to make sure that the residents are ok with the choice. As incentive, everyone on your street is given an offer: accept the street name change to Donald Rumsfeld St., and you'll each be given a check for $500. Do you agree to the change?


Your next door neighbor is a drug dealer. A fairly sleazy one who has people coming over to his house at all hours and bribes cops. Everyone knows what he does and does nothing. You're approached one day by some guy in a trenchcoat who says that he's a hitman who was hired to kill him. Thing is, your neighbor rarely leaves his home and has a bodyguard with him at all times. The hitman is having problems completing his assignment. This is where you can help. The hitman is also being paid to do another job at the same time and can't stakeout both targets. If you simply call the hitman the next time you notice your neighbor leaving, he can climb into his house and plant a trap to kill your neighbor. The hitman will pay you for your help, to the tune of $10,000. Do you help?


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