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My boyfriend's godmother is in town... she was like a second mother to him growing up, they're very close. Boyfriend's mother picked him up this morning (his car is having some major brake issues) to go out to Euclid to see her, which is a good 40 minute drive on a good day, because I had an appointment this morning I had to keep and some running around and cleaning to do. he'd *really* (emphasize on really) like me to meet them out in Euclid around 5 or so, which seemed like a fine idea. Until I began freaking out over it.

I've been driving now for five years and I still get terrified driving in areas i'm unfamiliar with. I've been out there two or three times in the past year and a half or so, but it's still unfamiliar and getting into the cleveland area, and the traffic and one way streets scare the crap out of me.. I live in the middle of nowhere, so i'm used to that sort of traffic. Right now my stomach is churning and i'm having anxiety attacks over the thought of having to go out there. Not to mention my social anxiety has been acting up for some reason lately and i've been awful with people in general. Would it be horrible for me to call and say I can't make it out? My boyfriend was really looking forward to this. I suggested last night that he and his mother just go out there today, and he got kind of upset (in a sad way), he said he'd like me to get to know that part of his "extended family" better, because they were so important to him growing up... and it's not often we see them.

Help! :(

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