Dandelions Have Deep Roots (potatodragon) wrote in thequestionclub,
Dandelions Have Deep Roots

This is a follow-up to my question yesterday about defragging my hard drive... I tried to put the computer in safe mode to do it but it would not go into it... I tried several times using different methods that I looked up in windows help... didn't work (could the fact that I have a boot password set up in bios affect this?) So then I tried closing every possible program, screen saver, power saver, etc. and left defrag on all night... still at 0% this morning. The part you can click to get more info is blank, but once again the CPU is making sounds like it's working... This morning I canceled that and set it up to defrag my secondary, newer hard drive, but I wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't work either... Does anyone know anything else I can try? Or should I just call Dell or Microsoft? I appreciate all the tips from yesterday.
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