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I'm five minutes away from throwing this damn computer out of the window.

So today my computer decided to delete Trillian. I didn't delete it myself. This morning, Trillian wasn't working, so I left the computer for a while, I came back and it was gone - no icon on the desktop and not listed in my programs. I went to the website and tried to download it again, and it tells me that I can't download it since I only have 0 MB of space left, and that I should delete unused programs. I use everything that I have on my computer, so I really didn't want to get rid of anything. I decided on a program to delete. But NOOOOO. There isn't enough room on the drive to uninstall. NOT ENOUGH ROOM TO UNINSTALL!!

I'm seriously about to flip my shit. I want my Trillian back. But I can't uninstall anything and I can't install anything. I tried defragmenting the disc, but, AGAIN, it tells me there isn't enough room to defrag. What should I do?
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