The Whole Catastrophe (wild_root_fruit) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Whole Catastrophe

And life is like a song..

I've been watching a lot of murder documentaries today and I guess I got to thinkin about some more serious questions. ...

1. Do you believe there is such a thing as justifiable murder? Why or why not?

2. Do you think you could forgive someone who murdered someone dear to you? If so, under what circumstances would you forgive?

3. What, if anything, could you not forgive someone for?

4. Have you done anything that you have a hard time forgiving yourself for? If so, care to share?

1. Yes I believe there is justifiable murder. I believe murder is actually taking the life of the innocent while justified killing is taking the life of someone that is dangerous and unstoppable. (However, for the record, I do not agree with committing such an act.)

2. Yes I could forgive. Under the circumstances that they truly understood the weight of their actions, that they grew, changed and apologized and showed that apology to be true by their actions and in comprehensive thought and action. It would take some years for me to calm down enough to do this though, I think.

3. If there is something that would anger me so much that it would take more time than my earthly life to grow out of the anger, it would have to be vicious rape or molestation - especially a repeated offender - especially of children.

4. No one big thing. My critical/judgemental perspective bothers me almost daily and it's hard to forgive myself for it because it's a constant struggle I guess.
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