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1) Do you have a lot in common with your friends or are they just people you hang out with to pass the time?
2) Do you have a best friend, the kind you can tell absolutely everything to?
3) Do YOU hate the new update page?
4) How much do your coworkers and bosses know about your personal life, if anything?
5) Have you opened any presents yet?
6) What's your favorite um... nationality (for lack of a better word I guess) food? (e.g. Greek, Polish, Japanese, Italian, etc.)
7) Do you have deadlines to meet at work?

1) I have some things in common with most of my friends but I don't think I've met anyone that's COMPLETELY like me and enjoys ALL the same things. I kind of wish I did know someone like that though.
2) No.
3) I quite like it. It's much less likely that I'll post to my personal journal instead of a community with the new layout. Also, I actually am more likely to pick a userpic instead of keeping the default since it's one of the first things I see. I'm a little bit more likely to enter a subject now, too. The only part I don't really like is the backdate options which I don't use much anyway.
4) Some coworkers who I'm friendly with know some details. I don't tell my bosses too much but who knows what gets back to them.
5) I opened some stocking stuffers and one of my bosses also made me earrings and a bracelet. I keep trying to get my husband to let my open something but he won't budge :p
6) Italian I think. Maybe...
7) Yes
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