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Dorky record questions!

1. Do you own records/a record player?

2. Did you buy it/get it from someone who bought it at the time when records were the only thing people used, or is it a newer model?
3. Do you have a lot of records? Did you buy them new or get them from a collector/relative/secondhand store/etc.?
4. What's your favorite that you have?
5. What sort of records do you have/like? Rock and roll records, classical, jazz, blues, etc.?
6. Are there any good places online to order older records (80's and before), aside from eBay and the like?

1. Why yes, yes I do.
2. I bought it for myself with money I got for graduation; it's one of those new ones with the cd player and tape player built in. I didn't really want one of those but it was all I could find and I wasn't sure how to go about getting one online.
3. I don't have a whole lot, maybe twenty or so. Most of them I got from my parents/siblings, some of them I bought at an antique/secondhand store, and two of them were new releases I bought from a regular music store.
4. I like my John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band a lot. I also have a Duke Ellington one I'm really fond of and a Sibelius and Beethoven violin concerto one that's in German. (The packaging, I mean, not the violins... yeah...)
5. I really like classical and jazz. I mean, I like to listen to it in any form, I just think it's especially neat to have on vinyl for some reason. I like punk rock too, and rock and roll from the 50s-60s.
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