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2 Questions: the dark in tall dark and handsome and artist in residency programs.

In the words of Comic Book Guy, "Question the first":
When someone describes a guy as "tall, dark, and handsome", what does the "dark" describe?
I don't know if that sounds stupid but I never knew.
Does dark describe:
-The person's skin color
-The person's hair color
-The person's personality
-An heir of mystery

Second question:
Does anyone know how you enroll in an artist in residency program in a different state other than your own? I live in San Antonio, Texas and we have something called ArtPace. From what I've heard, the artist in residency program takes an artist from a different state and puts them up in the building to live, gives them a budget for materials and a little bit extra to spend, and they get an art show to showcase what they've been working on.

I would like to do this in another state. How can I go about doing this?

Thank you.
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