we feel lucky when we wake up (explain_things) wrote in thequestionclub,
we feel lucky when we wake up

Sucky food.

On Christmas Eve my dad and I go to visit my mom's side of the family. I dislike most of the food my aunt makes so we usually stop on the way home so I can get Chinese food. Most of it is just food I don't like regardless, but her Macaroni and Cheese completely sucks. Every year we eat some, but it really isn't any good. Is there any non obvious way I could offer to bring the Macaroni & Cheese? I was thinking of calling and asking if she is making any, and then when she tells me she is I could say something like "oh ok, I was going to offer to bring it if you weren't making any" and then hopefully she would want me to make it because she has a bunch of other things to make. Would that be really obvious? I don't want her to know I think her food sucks, but I'd like to have at least one dinner item I actually like.

EDIT: She just called to say she's making Italian food, so I'm sure that will be good.
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