bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,

Weird symptoms...

I'm just curious right now.. not to mention bored.

My gynecologist's secretary called me the other day (I haven't been there since the beginning of March) and told me that she lost my blood-work for awhile, but she just found them and sent them to my doctor and she just got the results back and that my thyroid was a little low, but she might have made a mistake again and she wants me to come back to the office and re-do everything. I told her I couldn't go, because I don't have health insurance anymore and I'm broke at the moment. She replied that she'd lower the costs of the blood-work, etc... meaning, she wanted me to pay again to re-do this test because the office screwed up and lost my blood-work for almost a year. She kept trying to get me to schedule an appointment, but I repeatedly told her no, until she finally listened to me.

The thing that struck me weird, was that I recently lost 30 pounds, and I've just gotten sick (sinus infection) and I've lost about 3 more pounds. I was slightly overweight and lethargic for a short period of time in high-school when I was going through a lot of stress, but that was about three or four years ago, and my family doctor checked me for thyroid problems a few times and the test results always came back normal. Losing weight isn't a big problem for me.. neither is keeping it off, and my health is the best its ever been and I'm rarely tired.

Was she and my doctor just:

1.) Trying to get more money from me
2.) incompetent and probably wrong
3.) Just trying to make excuses to get me back in the office for some reason
4.) probably right

(Note: After hearing all this, I won't be seeing this doctor again.)
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