Skittles (tenna) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What is the proper way to clean my LCD monitor's screen?

2a You're craving your favorite icecream (and if you don't like icecream, pretend you do.) You've been craving it all day, and when you get home you find you have only one scoop of it left. You scoop it out and somehow manage to fling it halfway across the kitchen and it lands on the ground. You pick it up and there are a few dog/cat/pet/something hairs and one small piece of debris. Do you pick off the grossness and eat it (you HAVE been craving this all day and the idea of throwing it away is horrifying) or do you toss it?

b. If you are willing to eat it, would you still eat it if it WASN'T the last scoop of your favorite icecream?

3. When and if you reply will you reply with the most humorous icon you have uploaded?
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