bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,

Apartment Questions...and others

1.) My one friend lives in an apartment with her grandpa and her mom, on the top floor. Lately, the lady (she isn't the landlord or anything, just a neighbor) that lives in the apartment underneath them has been complaining to them that they are too noisy, and they need to be quiet/go to bed around 8pm because thats the time her son goes to bed. They already are very quiet, all they do is sit around and watch tv or play video-games, which isn't loud at all, and the volume is never up and the tv isn't on the ground, its on a table. Now, she has been more recently been annoyed with my friend's boyfriend, who comes over around 9-10pm and picks my friend up and takes her to work/drops her off or visits. One weekend, she came out and flat-out asked if he was going to be staying the night again and how long they'd be, (even though he never stays the night because of her mom and grandpa living there).

She can't get my friend in trouble can she, none of this stuff is any of her business since the apartment lease doesn't say anything about what times you need to be quiet/asleep, and how often visitors can come see you/stay?

I'm right... right? Or am I wrong?

2.) Do looks really matter when it comes to love?

3.) What makes a female attractive, in your opinion?
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