Alexi J. Lupin (alexi_lupin) wrote in thequestionclub,
Alexi J. Lupin

Must have gotten the idea from cartoons...

1 -Did you ever try to flush an object down the toilet as a kid to get rid of evidence? Or maybe you just wanted to see if it would flush?

2 - What was it?

3 - Did it flush?

4 - Were you found out?


5 - Which disaster or atrocity which you were NOT a part of do you feel most emotionally affected by?

6 - Which disaster or atrocity do you find most interesting?


1 - Yeah.

2 - Twisties. I can't remember why for the life of me. FYI, Twisties are chips...a bit like Cheezels I guess, but not shaped like that.

3 - It certainly didn't want to flush. It floated with a determination that could only be described as admirable. =D I eventually put loads of toilet paper in too, so it got swept away.

4 - Nope.

5 - What happened in the Nazi concentration/extermination camps.

6 - I'm fascinated by the Titanic, but I don't feel any particular emotional empathy for those on board.
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