My name is Freezer and my anti-drug is porn (freezer) wrote in thequestionclub,
My name is Freezer and my anti-drug is porn

Oldschool NBA question

Inspired by this question:

1) Do you know the name "Sam Bowie"?
2) Do you know him as anything other than "That guy Portland drafted instead of Michael Jordan"?
3) Do you think the Blazers get a bum rap for taking Bowie over Jordan?

My answers:
1) Yes
2) Yes - even if it's mostly for his two seasons with the Lakers.
3) Yes. The Blazers already drafted a shooting guard they liked the year before. You might have heard of him. Guy by the name of Clyde Drexler. They needed a big man. Bowie was the best on the board. It's not the Blazer's fault he had knees of glass.
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