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So.. I came home from a friends house the other day, somewhat not feeling myself. And its become apparent that I have a sinus infection.. I don't have health insurance for another month, and if I don't treat this right away, what usually happens is that I get pneumonia really quickly. My immune system sucks majorly, I know.

I'm not sure if I can have over the counter medicines, because of a genetic disorder I have that doesn't let me digest certain things, and the pharmacist doesn't have my rare and annoying disorder in the computer, most haven't even heard of it.. so they are of no help when it comes to knowing which over the counter medicine i can take. My nutritionist (for this genetic disorder) isn't helpful, every time I call her and leave a message she doesn't bother to get back in touch with me. I called her two months ago about the college meal plans and what alcohol I can or cannot drink, and she still has yet to contact my college nutrition center or me. I recently called her again...and no response. (So, I'm now in the middle of a long annoying search for another hospital that offers these nutrition services within driving distance)

Anyhow... does anyone have any 'miracle' home remedies to cure a sinus infection? Or at least offer something that will let me sleep more than 20 minutes a night? Vicks vapor rub doesn't help.. it just burns my skin like hell... the only thing thats been somewhat helping is if I sleep with a cough drop in my mouth.. which, I don't think is that safe..heh.

Thanks everyone in advance..
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