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gift idea? and inspiration/motivation

I could use some suggestions for a gift for my boyfriend's son...his birthday is Monday and also Christmas is coming. (sucks to be him!) I'm leaning towards a book because I know he enjoys reading.

Here's some books from his MySpace profile that he says he likes...I don't know if he HAS any of them, since he's been nomadic up until the last year and a half or so.

Stephen King's the stand or any other King book...and anything by EdgarAllen Poe, Eric Van Lustbader's The Ninja, The BIBLE, and more

Any suggestions based on that short list? He also likes the Baltimore Ravens, but I'm in Iowa and GOOD LUCK finding anything like that here...

ETA: also, I'm trying to write two papers in French--one on French Canadian radio and one comparing Truffaut's Jules et Jim and Baisers Volés. For one, I'm having trouble staying on track. For two, is it okay in a paper to have a list of occurrences versus writing them out in paragraph form? I just feel like a list would be better because to put them in a paragraph seems tedious.
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