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I swear I'm not that person...

There is this guy who came into my bookstore.  I used to refer to him as my favorite customer.  He's always buying philosophy books, and not the cheesy typical "I'm taking philosophy 101 and now I'm so deep" kind of books, but the real kind and he looks like he would be a very interesting conversationalist, oh, and he's also kind of hot in that nerdy but "I know kung-fu" kind of way, but he wears a wedding ring so the hotness is kind of a moot point.  Working in a bookstore, you tend to meet people like that, people with interesting jobs or opinions, so when he came into the store I smiled, I tried to be my usual very helpful self, and waited for this guy to prove or disprove my assumptions about his personality.  One day, when I was ringing him up at the registers, I noticed that there were no philosophy books in the pile, and I commented on the fact.  He looked confused, and said, "Does the register keep track of what books I buy," and I was like, "No, I just remembered." It's something I do for a lot of customers, N likes to read sci-fi smut, his wife with the silver eyes likes dry British mysteries, the ferengi twins read D & D books and are picky about the condition of their graphic novels, the French chiropractor comes in to pick up magazines for her office on Tuesday morning, B the Dunbar guy picks up alternate history fiction for his brother, and hot philosophy guy buys philosophy books.  After this conversation, I didn't see him in the store for a while, and the next time I saw him in the bookstore he saw me, and turned around and walked the other direction. 
This kept happening, and then finally, it hit me, what if the reason this keeps happening is that he thinks I'm a creepy bookstore stalker chick?
It upset me so much I wanted to cry. 
I myself have been the object of unwanted attention from sales clerks, and sure I do think he's attractive, but I'm nearly 100% positive I didn't do anything to cross a line or warrant being avoided. 
To make sure I'm not doing anything untoward now, that would make him uncomfortable, or like he has to leave the store, I turn around and avoid him whenever he comes into the store, before he feels he has to avoid me.  My good friend and co-worker AW laughed her ass off when she heard my story, she says it happens to her all the time, and I'm like of course it happens to her, she is a really intimidating vociferously man-hatin' drooling over hot women uber-butchy-lesbian type chick.  I am not.  I am not creepy stalker chick, I'm the "uber-helpful, capable, knowledgeable and non-threatening" chick who usually has to beat customers off with a stick. 
So am I deluding myself am I really creepy bookstore chick, could I have crossed the line and not known it?
Do you think it's creepy or good customer service to remember details about  my regular customers?
Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?

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