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Hypothically when is it inapproiate to buy someone a x-mas present?

2 situations.
1. Guy I've dated on and off/messed around with for the past 6 years who's going to Afganistan Jan. 5th. (if i got him something i think it'd be a new webcam for him to use while he's there so we can still talk and stuff or take him out for a nice dinner since we've never done that)

2. Psudo ex boyfriend (different person) who I'm going to see Dec 29th for a weekend of fun but we didn't date for long and i dont know if it'd be wrong/awkward. (if i got him something i think it'd be a triceratops stuffed animal[because he acts like a dinosaur inside kinda joke]... not sure if thats a good idea or not)

Whaat do you think!:?

Also.... my secret santa person is a 1st year teacher (teaching special ed) This is a "long distance secret-santa-age" we'll be giving final gives new years when we're all together (college friends who all lived together in the past 3 years we're now all in dif states)... no idea what i should get her... any ideas?
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