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My boss has been sending e-mails to me with tasks she needs done ASAP. I have not been getting these e-mails (I have been getting e-mails from other co-workers and other co-workers are getting the same e-mails from her but for some reason, I'm not getting them), therefore her items are not being completed. I have been busy with other items and had no idea that she needed these things done. She did not call to see how the projects were coming and didn't think it was odd that I didn't e-mail her back with a final proof of the project. Now she's at a meeting that she needed the project for and she has no items to hand out.

Who is at fault here? Me for not asking about a project that I didn't know existed or my boss for not following up?

(Apparently, as my boss says, "She's so mad she could spit nails and this is a HUGE problem that we need to discuss".)
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