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What's appropriate

I'm working on a story and I'd like to get a general idea of what exactly would be appropriate in this situation.

Situation: An immortal man (Leo) finally loses his virginity after over 400 years of being alive and is seriously freaked out about it. The only person who even knows Leo was somewhat involved with someone is a 14 year old kid (Tycho). So Tycho sees Leo, realizes something is wrong and is smart enough to figure out it has something to do with the relationship.

Obviously Tycho would ask what's wrong and not accept "nothing" for an answer. He'd say that he knew it was about the relationship but I'm not sure how much Leo could tell him before it crossed a line. I keep trying to think back to how mature I was when I was 14 but hell I probably thought I was a lot more mature than I was.

Would it be appropriate for Leo to tell Tycho that he slept with someone and now he's freaking out as long as no details were given? Would it be better if he just suggested that "something" happened? Or should he simply avoid it all together. Since Tycho is the only one who knows if he doesn't talk to him about it he's not going to be able to talk to anyone about it which could play a part in how much he'd share.

And yes I took Tycho's name from Penny Arcade. *L* No it isn't supposed to be the same guy.
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