Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in thequestionclub,

High School Memories

1. What was the most embarassing fandom you were a part of in high school? how far did you take it?

2. Did you hide it from your classmates?

3. What were you in school? Cheerleader? Jock? Geek? EmoKid? How did that influence you.

4. How social are you now?

1. I was a trekkie in high school! I went to conventions, made costumes, etc. I belonged to the USS Intrepid (fan club) and even schismed from it into the USS Independence when they refused to let us in the Star Fleet Academy hang together.

2. No. My best friend and I met when I was reading The Vulcan Science Academy at lunch. He looked at me as if he'd found spun gold! A trekkie in school!

3. I was a brainy GEEK! and a proto-goth, then somewhat preppy save for the loud colors, then I made cheerleader, and was valedictorian my final year. I felt like I could fit in with anyone beause I was able to float between groups so easily in highschool. One of my favorite memories was actually going to a game, cheering, and changing out of my cheer uniform to put on a Star Fleet uniform for a con. I found so much humor in that.

4. Pretty social, though I don't always see it. I tend to talk to anyone that interests me and got out more than I realize. I'm pretty happy staying at home though.
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