Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I previously mentioned my hard drive's ominous click, click, click. You, and other people since then, suggested I back up my files and turn my computer off until I can get it checked out.

I'm in the process of that, I've made a File O Cool Stuff which is all the pictures, music videos, word documents I want to save, and a few program files that I don't think I'd be able to find again. Have also made a list of things I'll want to download onto a new hard drive- firefox, a particular free image editor, etc.
I'm not stupid enough to copy/save a shortcut, so I'm assuming everything would be peachy keen.

For the record, an eMachine with Windows XP.

1) There's not some tiny, otherwise-inconsequential file somewhere that I neeeed to copy or everything will not work, correct? When I was younger and stupider, I know I copied some files onto disks(floppiesomg)in a way that made them not actually usable(wasn't stupid enough to save a shortcut then, either, so I have no idea).

2) When I first bought my computer, it came with some blank disks. On startup, it instructed me to run a one-time program, which wrote a bunch of stuff onto three disks, and isntructed me to keep these disks in a safe place in case of something happening to my computer. I can't remember what exactly it did, or when it said it would be appropriate to use these disks. If anyone's done this recently, or remembers, or has a good idea of what would fit on three disks-- If I do need an entirely new hard drive, will I be able to use those disks and put windows on it? if not, what the hell are they good for?

Non nerd question:
I have leftover chinese in a styrofoam box from Saturday night (General Tso's chicken + steamed rice), and I have a baked potato in tinfoil with butter and mushrooms from Sunday night.
Which one will go bad first (and thus must be eaten soonest)?
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