a (punk_is_so_dead) wrote in thequestionclub,

Last night, I asked if you've ever worked in sales and a lot of people mentioned that they had, in retail. Do you consider retail "working in sales" and if so, what are your reasons?

I never really consider that to be sales -- my husband worked in retail management for a while and although numbers are important, etc., even moreso for him than sales associates, he doesn't make any money off what he sells and has no real motivation or reason for selling it. Also, people come INTO the store voluntarily, he doesn't have to encourage people or use selling skills to get people to buy something. I've never met a retail sales associate who would be able to convince me to get something or not get something.

I consider "real" sales where you have a product that you have to make an effort to sell and that you have prospects, opportunities, etc.... and you have personal gain from selling it (e.g. commission, bonuses, etc.).

What are your opinions?
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