Supply Wench, LLC (cmndrcuddles) wrote in thequestionclub,
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This is really gross.

K, I had nose surgery back in 1999. The dude lasered my nose and made my sinus openings bigger so I could breathe. All is going well, I can breathe and blow my nose like normal people.

I spray my nose with saline spray everynight before bed and blow my nose just to clear it out otherwise I have a stuffy nose. Then I spray and blow every morning to clear out the boogers from the night.

So my nose spray bottle- the part that goes in my nose- stinks. What can I clean it with? I don't want to use something that will go into the bottle and mix with the spray stuff. But how can I get rid of that smell? It's really gross and I fear that my nose smells like that too but I can't tell.

Any suggestions??

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