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Computer problem

Does anyone know why the num and caps (mainly the num) locks won't stay on?

Background: I do data entry so I'm doing a long string of numbers where I'll enter several and then hit the down arrow, and this is repeated at a rapid rate (something in the area of 100 wpm). The Num lock with come off causing my cursor to bounce all over the screen and then it will come back on, always in the most inconvenient column so I overwrite something that I've just done and because I'm looking at the paper that I'm copying and not the screen I don't see it until I'm 10-20 lines on and the damage is done.

I've tried switching to a new keyboard, I have no way of knowing if this one is actually any better as I just swiped it off a co-worker.

I'm using Win 2000 NT and MS Access 97.

Any help would be appreciated!

~ K.
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