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At work today, one of my higher-ups offered me some restaurant gift cards as a thank you for something work-related. He made a side comment about not knowing if I'm able to get out to restaurants easily, if I have a good sitter or not. I laughed and said I always just take her out with me.

He stopped and gave me this blank confused look before he thought it was weird that I take her to restaurants? or that I was dumb for thinking this particular restaurant was family-friendly?

I always see babies and kids at the restaurant I've been to, so I doubt the former. I looked up the restaurant's website and the most expensive plate was $27 so it's not like some outrageously fancy place, but there was no other indication of whether it was family friendly or not. It seems nice but not overly so.

Sow can I tell in advance, about a place I've never been to or heard of, whether or not it's family friendly? I'd love to go but not with the hassle of leaving the baby behind.
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