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Weird cold + leg cramps?!

I'm hoping some of you guys have knowledge to impart upon me.

This is one of the only communities I actually post to, so if there's a better place for this question, please let me know =)

About 2 weeks ago, I came down with a cold. I woke up one night after 2 hours of sleep and had crazy chills and sweating. My mind was racing, too --it was REALLY weird. I was so cold (despite my electric blanket being on high) that I couldn't fall back asleep to save my life.

The strangest part of the whole ordeal were these leg cramps I got. The backs of both of my calves just ached and ached. I have been pretty freaking lazy this last month, so it wasn't due to any physical exercise. The aching lasted for the duration of that night and into the next day as well.

On came the sore throat and stuffed up nose and ears. I went on antibiotics -- Omnicef -- and that subdued it fairly quickly. The stuffed ears lasted for about a week. I thought I was better, and then about 6 days ago I felt the sore throat again. I don't have tonsils, so it's not tonsilitis.

On Friday, I got the chills again, with an overall crappy feeling. But the leg cramps came BACK!

Since then I got the leg cramps Saturday, Sunday, and today. It's driving me CRAZY. I feel fine today, but these leg cramps are getting really uncomfortable. I couldn't even concentrate on studying. It's worse when I'm laying down because then it's easier to realize they hurt. I've been taking Ibuprofen which seems to help a little, but what gives?

Have you ever experienced LEG CRAMPS with a cold before? Or could there be a better explanation for this?

If it's of any relevance, I just started taking Flinstones vitamins almost a month ago.

Thanks, kids.

(P.S. If you've got new snow to contend with, go have a snowball fight and drive safely!)
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