Meggs (girlacademic) wrote in thequestionclub,


If you seek help for depression out of your own free will, can they institutionalize you against your consent (being over 18) if they think you’re suicidal?

I’ve been on a SSRI for a few years to help me deal with panic attacks and anxiety, but lately I’ve become completely overwhelmed by life. I’m scaring myself…I just can’t deal anymore and weeks have gone by without it getting any better. I need help…but I don’t have time to sit in a little white room. I really don’t know what to do…but the thought that trying to get help could result in a complete loss of autonomy terrifies me.

Also, if I talked to my professor about this – asked her for advice on where to go for help etc. – would that put her in a position of being obligated to report me to some other authority that could potentially result in my being treated against my consent? I can’t risk screwing up school…it’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten right.
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