Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Anyone good with SPSS?

I recoded some variables to make them like point values- so while it was 1)always votes 2)sometimes votes 3)never votes, i recoded those in reverse so that "always voting" got the person 3 "points."
So, basically that all the "happy patriot" answers have higher numbers/values than the "unhappy unpatriot" answers.

The people are split up into catholic, protestant, atheist, other. What I *wanted* to do was find the average score for each group. Atheist A gets 500 points, Atheist B gets 400 points, so Atheists in general get 450 Happy Patriot Points(TM)... But now that I've recoded all the variables, I realised I don't actually know how to do that, or if SPSS can handle that.
If I *had* these averages, I'm fairly certain it'd be a T-test. How do I make it figure out these averages?

And if that's impossible, then what? crosstabs of religion x question for each question, and add up the total points for each "team" by hand?

(statistics was invented to confuse and frustrate me. if a penny landed heads 7 times in a row, the 8th one will almost certainly be tails. stop this 50/50 nonsense.)
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