Justine (harlequinbliss) wrote in thequestionclub,

All about cheating

My friend is in a bad situation. She thinks her boyfriend might be cheating on her, but she's not sure. He's just kind of sneaky sometimes.. She loves him enough to forgive him if he's just being really really flirtatious but I'm curious if it isn't more than that.. Anyway, it made me wonder what other people thought about cheating and forgiveness.

1. At what point does harmless flirting become something more? Is talk cheating?

2. For those who have been cheated on in the past, did you forgive this person? Why? How did things end up - did they ever cheat again, was your trust broken enough to ruin the relationship, or did everything work out?

3. For those who have cheated, what made you do it? Were you forgiven? How did it end up?

4. Would you forgive someone who cheated on you? Is there a certain line that is just unforgivable - an actual affair as opposed to drunken cheating sex or a purely sexual relationship, just kissing or making out.. where is your line? Would it make a difference if you were married or had been in the relationship a long time or had kids??
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