bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,

Everyone is beautiful, right?

Is being 95 pounds just as unhealthy as being 300+ pounds?

How would you define a " healthy body?"

I've seen stories about people talking garbage about other people who just happen to be thin. Theres even a game on this one website called "feed the model" or something or another, the goal is to feed the starving model until she's about 290-300 pounds by flinging cakes, oranges, and other food at her mouth while she's on the runway. While I don't believe being 95 pounds and 5'8 is healthy, I don't believe being 290-300 pounds and 5'8 is any healthier.  I do believe that you should love yourself no matter what size you are, and I think promoting that is a good idea but isn't calling someone else names and putting them down because they don't look like you exactly the opposite of what you are trying to promote? This one website says to love your body through thick and thin, but where is the love for the thin people? Alot of people I know have extremely high metabolism (no eating disorder) and as a result they are only about 100-115 pounds, and all of the sudden they are being portrayed in a negative light by people who are trying to promote a "healthy" body.

(edit, I found a somewhat of an apology to naturally thin girls on her site... i just wanted to think what you all think)
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