LONDON TIPTON~ (overdrrive) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, so on Friday, I got this textmessage,

"Hey jess. It's andy. Wanna hook up this weekend."
From: Andy F. Calc Del
7:15pm 12/1/06

Now, I'm not particularlly good friends with this guy, he's a sophomore in my calc class and recesitation (calc class but like 20 kids) and we've talked a few times? Anyway, it's Monday and I haven't replied... should I? FYI, I went back home last weekend for the Holiday season, etcetc.

He's pretty chill, he's in a frat that I know some of the guys there. Anyway, I went on facebook, and it says he's in a relationship. The girl is someone who also goes to my school, and there are recent pictures tagged of both of them together, this year, and last... NOW. WHAT THE FUCK? Should I just ignore it? Should I reply? etcetc. Talk to him in person? What do I do?

I was thinking more like, "Hey, sorry about not replying, I went home for the weekend, but we should get lunch sometime?"

But my question is what the hell do I make of the text he sent me. I think it was completely out of the blue. lol. Should I even send a reply or just ignore it?
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