Elisa (colorature) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm having some issues with making my schedule for next semester. Advice greatly appreciated.

I currently am signed up for 17 credits worth of classes. The max a student can take is 18. There is a very select 2-credit class that I was asked to be in so I plan on applying for a credit overload. If I don't get it, I will have to drop another class (4 credits) in order to take that one.

SO if I don't get the credit overload should I:

a) drop a 4 credit class and only take 15 credits for the semester. The 4 credit class that I would drop does not fulfill a general education requirement and is not required for my major but would be fun to take
b) not take the extra 2 credit class even though I really want to and it is a prereq for a class I would like to take next year

I would rather do the first one, but if I only take 15 credits every semester it is going to take me quite a long time to finish college.
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