name (overandoverture) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. After a satirical spat heated debate over the placement of Pop-Tarts in the grocery store and the aesthetic appeal of Stephen Colbert, I was sarcastically asked by my best friend, "What are you going to do? Go ask The Question Club what they think so you can prove me wrong?" (Note that he's not even a member of this community, and he only knows of it because I've apparently brought it up at least a few times in coversation.)
"Because of that smartass remark, I think I will!"
a. Do you ever wish you had a fellow TQC'er at hand to unleash unapologetic snark on someone provide an answer or argument you can't quite come up with yourself?
Quite often.
b. Do you discuss TQC with non-members/people who are otherwise clueless to the concept?
I know I've mentioned it to Mom on occasion, but I suppose I talk about it more than I originally thought.

2. Do you know the difference between toaster pastry and toaster strudel?
Until sending him this link, Best Friend insisted that Pop-Tarts did not belong in the toaster pastry aisle at the grocery store and that they were, in fact, toaster strudel. For the record, he isn't dumb really. Just incredibly stubborn.

3. Do you find Stephen Colbert attractive?
BFF says he's ugly. I say he's ridiculously sexy.
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