little soul (chiyo_no_saru) wrote in thequestionclub,
little soul

So here's the deal.

I bought a webcam. A Dynex DX-DTCAM. I meet all the requirements - I've made sure it did. I called Dynex customer services, and they say my USB port has to be 2.0 - mine's 1.1, but the box says it needs USB 1.1 only, as does the manual.

Besides, my computer - Mac OS 10.4.8, which works - recognizes it and everything; system profiler says it's there. But when I use Skype, it says there is no camera - it did earlier - and when I use the Webcam Monitor or try to test the image, it goes "No Video from Source". There is no cap on, I've tried both of my USB ports.

What the hell is going on? I swear I'm going to kill someone soon. I've been looking forward to this all weekend, and... GRR. All the other Mac-compatible webcams are $95+, so...

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