Ilyse Rose (ilysespieces) wrote in thequestionclub,
Ilyse Rose

So tomorrow I'm going to a wedding. I wasn't specifically invited, my mom and dad were invited. My parents both RSVPed without realizing my mom was going to be in Rhode Island until Monday. So instead of calling and saying they were sorry and couldn't come (my dad doesn't go places by himself, really), my mom and dad decided it would be better if i went in her place. Now my problem. The wedding is black tie (my dad just told me this yesterday). I have 2 dresses, both very summery, I wore one to my graduation in June and one to the banquet we held at the end of the year for the Thespians. I was planning on wearing my graduation dress with a coat. It is knee length, orange, with pink and white flowers on it. I don't have time to go shopping for a new dress, so my options are Go to the wedding in my graduation dress. Don't go to the wedding and make my dad go alone (which he won't like. And will probably make him stay home too).
Question that doesn't involve reading the background:
If you weren't invited somewhere, but someone asked you to go in their place, would you go?
It wouldn't affect the gift the person being honored would get, and the person who can't go RSVPed.

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