Cupcake Fiend (dreamsoup) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cupcake Fiend

Bell Ringing

Okay, well, I'm starting my first job on Monday and I'm confused about a few things so I was hoping maybe someone here could help me out.

I'm going to be a Bell Ringer for the Salvation Army, and yes, they are paying me for this. I'm not sure why, but I'm not complaining. Heh.

I live pretty far away from the church, so they arranged for me to just work outside of a store that's closer to my town so I don't have to drive so far every day. When they told me this over the phone, I was on a lot of pain killers (I had just had my wisdom teeth removed an hour before) and I forgot to ask them some things. I'm now having a really hard time contacting them, so... yeah, that's why I'm seeing if anyone here can help me, in case I can't contact the church before Monday.

So here we go... To anyone who's been a bell ringer before: What did you do with your kettle while you're on breaks or lunch? I get two breaks throughout the day as well as a half hour lunch break, and I don't think they'd want me to just leave the kettle alone out there... Should I just stay with it?

And secondly... When I applied originally I didn't bring my social security card with me, but they said they'd need to see it before I started working. We agreed to have me just bring it with me on Monday, but that was when we thought I was going to be going to the church before they drove me to a separate location. Now the plan is that I'm just going to go to the store I'll be ringing at, so no one else will be there to see my card. Should I just go anyway and deal with the card later?
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