bluemuffins (bluemuffins) wrote in thequestionclub,

Internets. Omg?

Any computer people in here?

1.) Well, I have a problem... I was supposed to be getting broadband internet today, and I was supposed to get it turned on by 8pm. It is now 9:20pm. All the green lights are on, on my router. The computer says its connected to the internet, but I cannot get on, myspace or anything. I called tech support, got a robot who said my internet has not been activated, but will be today at 8pm. I repeat again, it is an hour and 20 minutes past that time. I was flipping through my computer and when I am "on" it says that the downstream rate is 1984 kbps and the upstream is 512 kbps. I'm clueless, tech support isn't helping... what should I do?

Edit: wondering how im online right now? I'm right up against a window piggybacking wireless internet from my friend's house.

and also, for fun:

2.) When you microwave something and the package says nuke it for about 3 minutes, do you press in 3:01 just to be rebellious, or is that just me?
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