I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet (likelystory) wrote in thequestionclub,
I'm half-doomed and you're semi-sweet

Um, so I'm kind of new to the whole "not having health insurance" thing, and I am fairly sure that I have strep throat (It feels like strep, strep is going around, and a visual inspection of my throat reveals it to be a lovely beefy-red color). My panicky mother is sure that if I leave it untreated, I will die of rheumatic fever.

Is there some obvious way of reducing the cost of a doctor's visit? A free clinic is out of the question (ours is only open on Tuesdays, and I would feel guilty for usurping the resources of those who really can't pay). And the best I could see on the site for our local walk-in clinic was that their fees were "often cheaper than an emergency room visit," which isn't promising.

I will pay for an expensive visit to the doctor I went to when I had insurance, but if there's a better way, I'd love to hear it.

(I don't have much hope, but I posted this to see if I was stupidly overlooking something. I will not consider it amiss if you comment just to say, "Nope, you're fucked," or to gloat about your country's national health care system.)
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