Fun with Numbers (montanajen) wrote in thequestionclub,
Fun with Numbers

Pop Quiz.

Husband is out of town unexpectedly, so I can either:
a) do a mini-spa - body scrub, shave all of my places, hair mask, manicure, etc - in total private without someone else needing to use the bathroom or wanting to talk, while drinking the rest of the bottle of red I just opened...or...
b) go to the movie by myself to see the semi-chick flick without the mocking glance and smirk of oh-so-masculine-boy. (there is likely to be just two or three people in the theatre, I'd basically have it to myself, which I LOVE)

What would you choose, if you were faced with those choices and loved both equally?

And before you get self-righteous: YES it's POSSIBLE to do all of this with husband in town, but not PROBABLE...
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