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for those of you who have some type of mental illness (i.e., depression, bipolar, bpd, etc...) -

1. how long have you been diagnosed w/this?
1a. self diagnoses, or professional?
2. are the holidays usually difficult for you?
2a. if so - how do you deal w/them?
2b. if not - how do you take care of that? meaning - what do you do to ensure that you don't mentally/emotionally lose it?
3. you can answer this or not -
are you on meds?
3b. if so - which ones do you take, and have they helped?

for me:
i'm bipolar w/borderline personality disorder and have been professionally diagnosed w/this for well over 10 yrs. now, but i suspected as such for longer than that...
holidays are incredibly difficult for me - the stress/tension of the whole thing bring on severe anxieties/manic highs/depression...
i try and take things slow, one day at a time and i tend to sleep a lot and spend time alone driving around...
i'm on meds -
i take lamictil for the disorders and klonopin for the manic highs/anxieties...
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