Rachel (lunarflame) wrote in thequestionclub,

do you notice?

Guys: say you see a good looking girl. You are about to strike up a conversation when you notice she is wearing a ring on her ring finger. Do you stop in your tracks and not bother pursuing her?

I ask because my boyfriend and I were having a conversation the other night. He ALWAYS gets hit on by girls, and they swarm around him like flies (he's a good looking, funny guy). When he asked me how much I get hit on, I was surprised when I really thought about it and realized the NO ONE ever really flirts with me or anything like before I started dating him. I would say I'm a attractive girl BUT I have a promise ring (that looks a lot like an engagement ring), and I fiured that this is the reason why guys don't bother with me.

Don't get me wrong, i dont care if i get male attention, my boyfriend's enough, but is my theory true?
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