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Hi. I suck at writing formal email letters, please help. Is this all right?
Basically, the reason I'm writing this. Is for class office, we're sopposed to have a letter of recommendation. Now, I don't find myself particularlly close with any of my current professors, so I am asking a HS teacher who is also an "advisor" / mentor. Otherwise it would be chill, but the shitty timing is pretty crappy. This week is a huge event for the club she's advises (which I was VP last year). And I know she's REALLY busy.

I just basically want her to just redate and mail/fax the letter of recommendation she wrote last year (for college applications). And, also, the short notice, I'm afraid is going to kill me. :(

Please, help me? Does the email sound okay?

Ms. Gormley,

Hi! This is Jessica Chu. I know it's been a while, but something came up over Thanksgiving Break regarding Class Office- Treasurer and I was wondering if you could perhaps mail or fax Lehigh the recommendation you wrote for me last year (for college applications). I talked to Mrs. Greco just earlier today and she told me that she did not have the ability to send out your letter herself and that the teacher had to do it She has all the files from last year so it can be easily accessed.

I hate how short notice this is and I will really appreciate it if you could help me out. I only found out about the whole process this past Thanksgiving weekend. The requirements are that the recommendation be printed on letterhead and the deadline (by fax or mail) is December 4, 2006, 4pm. The information is at the end of the email.

Also, I know that the Montville Forensics tournament is this week and that you're incredibly busy with everything on top of that, writing recommendations for the current high school seniors. I might be going home on this weekend and I'd love to help judge on the 4th as a sign of my gratitude for your help.

Jessica C
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