Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass. (dazeydevyne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

2 unrelated questions....

1. When does a "guest" stop being a guest, and start being a "tenant"? I have a basement suite, which I rent out to a really nice woman. The day after signing the lease, and giving her the keys, she started seeing someone. I agreed to rent the place to a single woman, but it seems that the guy is here almost every night. Right at this moment, he's down there, and has been since Friday afternoon. That's 4 nights he's stayed over, and last week, he was here more than half the week as well. So what do you think - is he living here, too? (and yes, I did ask about the niosy sex they have a while ago - we talked about it, but they don't seem to be doing much about it - they think it's funny) I don't want to kick her out, but at the same time, I didn't sign on to have a couple down stairs.

2. Does anyone have any alternatives to a Christmas tree? I can't have a tree this year, because I have a hellion on 4 paws (my cat) who will destroy anything shiny or plant-like that I put up. But I have a 10 year old son, and my family will be here for the holidays, so what can I do to decorate? Are there tradions in other parts of the world for storing and displaying gifts? (If that makes any sense)

Edited to add: So, yeah, obviously something has to be said - I'm not out of line, going by most of these comments. So should I do it face to face, or put it in writing, just in case there's trouble down the line? Or both? Also, the number of nights he's stayed is now 5, and a full detail on WHY him being here is such a concern is in my personal LJ, here:
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