K. E. M. (rolypolyfish) wrote in thequestionclub,
K. E. M.

My school's brand new creative writing club is looking for a name that's a little more innovative than "Creative Writing Club". Puns make us happy. So do allusions to classic literature. Any reccomendations?

Also, after joining in on some Paris Hilton Hatin' a few posts down, I started wondering: is there anyway to be born so wealthy and not become a superficial idiot? If you were in that position, what would you do with your money instead of spending it on absurdly small dogs? Or would the environment you were raised in prevent you from spending intelligently? Do heirs like Frisco D'Anconia and Dagny Taggart* belong solely to the fictional world?

*Even if Ayn Rand's ideas are kind of crazier than an elephant on crack, at least they're skilled/.
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