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apples and oranges!

Well, just oranges, really.

I know some things blow up in the microwave. Like aluminun foil, tin cans, grapes...

Would an orange blow up in the microwave?

Husband-pet so wonderfully put my oranges in the fridge, though cold fruit makes my teeth ache. Would tossing one in the microwave cause a cataclysmic mess? I don't feel like testing it, only to have to be cleaning up orange juice for an hour.


ETA: I devoured it cold. Sucking on a piece at a time wasn't SO bad. I think when I'm feeling frisky, and willing to clean up big messes, I will test how long an orange (peeled and not) can hold out in the microwave until it blows up. If at all. ;)

Thanks anyway, guys!
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